Två flugor i en smäll

English summary below

Jag har börjat ta mina första stapplande steg till regelbunden träning genom sjukgymnastik. Framför allt gäller det nu i början att hitta styrkan i rygg och mage för att förhindra skador och framtida smärta.

Orsaken till att jag behöver börja med sådana små steg är min skolios som orsakat flertalet felställningar i kroppen. Dessa har gjort att jag har haft svårt att träna och göra rätt. Målet med sjukgymnastiken är att stärka rygg och mage så pass mycket att jag kan börja med en regelbunden allsidig träning sedan.

Några av övningarna jag har fått från sjukgymnasten ska göras med en gymboll. Jag köpte en som jag märkte var för stor för mig. Så jag fick köpa en till, mindre. Vad skulle jag nu göra med TVÅ gymbollar?

Då kom jag på att jag kan ta den stora bollen till jobbet att sitta på istället för skrivbordstolen en stund varje dag. Då får jag statisk träning samtidigt som jag jobbar och jag kan samtidigt slänga in några sittande stabilitetsövningar.

Smart va?

Det funkar hur bra som helst och det är faktiskt ganska skönt att sitta på bollen. Så det är ett tips! 🙂

Har du några andra sådana här små enkla träningstips att dela med dig av?

I have a tip for you! Use a pilates ball as a chair by your work desk. I recently started taking tiny steps into a regular workout by physiotherapy. I need to start with physiotherapy to build up basic strength in stomach and back areas, because I have scoliosis. This has previously made exercising difficult to do properly for me.  Some of my exercises include a pilates ball. At first I bought one that was too big for me so I had to buy another smaller one.

What would I now do with TWO pilates balls?

I took the bigger one to work to sit on while working, and it works really great. It gives me a static balancing exercise at the same time as I am working. And in between I can make some easy exercises on it while working too.

Clever huh?

Do you have any simple exercise tips to share like this?


A quick hello from the office!

Good morning!

Here comes a quick hello from my office desk. Back after three days in Borås.

Just to say that I am back after yet another little break. I planned to update for these three days on Sunday but never got the chance. Mother’s Day at grandmother’s and physio therapy exercises and a sleepy Marie got in the way.

The weather in Borås was mediterranean. I hope this is not the only summer we will get. It is always a worry when you get heatwaves like this as early in the summer, that the rest will be crap.

Now that I am back home it is a mediterranean in Stockholm too. Didn’t bother with a jacket today.

Ok, so I am back on track. Get ready for regular updates again and enjoy this beautiful Thursday wherever you are! Let the sun shine a light to your heart.

Tea is ready, computer is ready – I am ready. Let the work day begin!


Keeping it up


I have given myself a tough updating schedule in this blog with two entries every weekday. I do it because I love wrting for the blog, but also to keep a regular frequent update. I have had this blog now for a couple of months and I realise it is really hard to keep up with this schedule with interesting content twice everyday when you combine this with a busy full time job.

Since I work all day I have to write the entries in the evening before they are published and schedule them to be automatically published 8 am and 3 pm the day after. I also need to have something to write about and when your days consist of work and not much else it is not always easy to find interesting subjects to blog about even though I try.

And at times, as you have noticed, I can’t manage to keep the schedule going. When work gets too busy, like today. But I always make an effort to publish at least one entry per day.

The blog is still new. I am learning as I go how to keep it updated and with what. I am still not getting a lot of views even though it is increasing slowly but steadily so I don’t know how much people really care about my publishing schedule at this point – haha. But I am serious about the blog. It means a lot to me so I am determined to keep doing what I do and develop the blog little by little.

I used to blog before, about ten years ago, for over five years but then life caught me. I had too much to do, too much to focus on in life besides the blog so I stopped updating.This blog is a new beginning and I am so happy I started it. I am having lots of fun with it.

I have some texts left from the old blog that mean a lot to me – especially the texts I wrote when my father died. I am thinking of publishing them here too so that they don’t get lost in cyberspace. Would you want to read these old entries? Back then I was so ambitious to write every entry in both Swedish and English so I thought I would put them up on English Tuesdays and Thursdays in their bilingual form so that you who don’t read my Swedish entries won’t miss them on the other days.

If you don’t want to read up to ten-year-old texts, let me know and I won’t put them up here publicly. I would also like to hear what you want to read about? 🙂 More of my creative journey – the main theme of this blog? More everyday life? Just random thoughts on things? What?

I will be back with two entries again on Thursday!

A work day morning

Monday. First day of the work week after a weekend that passed way too quickly. As they usually do. Why is it that there is a different time on days off than on workdays? And you wake up all bright and alert right before the alarm clock on your day off, and on a workday you wake up feeling you have only slept for thirty minutes.

That is a mystery never to be solved.

Waking up at 5:30, snoozing until 5:50. Then I walk out of bed and in a daze to the bathroom to have a zombie-like shower to make me more human. I brush my teeth with a little more alert and less swollen eyes looking at my tired reflection in the mirror.

”Oh dear, still not all human yet….”

I look through my closet for something to wear, and ask myself the same thing every morning: ”I have nothing to wear. Why didn’t I prepare this yesterday evening?”

And every evening I say to myself: ”I should be preparing what to wear tomorrow… Nah, I’ll do it in the morning. I can wake up 5 minutes sooner.”

Never happens.

I walk out the door to pick up  the car out of the garage. ”Oh look, it’s almost daylight!” A silent on the outside but loud on the inside spring cry a la Ronja The Robber’s Daughter tumbles happily inside me. Until I feel the cold degrees and see the frosty ground, roofs and cars. ”Oh darn, still winter… But at least the cold wakes me up!”

At about 6:50-7 am I park at work. Hitting jackpot every morning when noone else has taken the two parking lots just outside work.

I love being early at work. The main reason for starting at 7 is to not be ruined by the new congestion tax fees in Stockholm, but a bonus is the peace and quiet I get. I am all alone at work for about an hour and the phone is still quiet. Heavenly.

I eat my breakfast and have a cup of tea in front of the computer, while going through e-mails.

The day has begun and I am finally 100% human again.

Just one who wishes it was at least Friday!

Monday morning tea.


So here is a quick lunchtime update. 🙂

It is a beautiful day here in Stockholm today. The sun is shining and you can feel a hint of warmth from its rays. Finally. A tiny tiny sense of spring even though the shadows and winds are still cold.

A colleague and I decided to go out for lunch at restaurant Syster & Bror here at KTH campus. I had pasta Bolognese for lunch, she had zucchini pasta.

20160223_120245Lunch view

After that we took a short walk around the campus on our way back to the office to enjoy the sunshine just a little bit longer.

We passed a beautiful little tree that I had to capture with my mobile phone.


Now I am getting ready to join my colleagues at the company fair here on campus. This photo is from earlier today when the fair had just opened. Can’t wait to meet the students!