Tree project 1

Happy New Year! 🙂

I was planning to write a resume of 2015 today for the English part of the blog but I won’t have time so I will put that up on Tuesday.

What I will do is to present the two photos I got to take for Jen’s and my tree project’s first theme. Shallow depth of field. I am not 100% satisfied with this first photo -which is the one most true to the theme. I can do a lot better. I might try a few more of shallow depth of field even though we now have a new theme. What I love about the photo (I always have to find something I like in my photos to practise not being so self-critical!) is the light. The contrast with the white tree trunk and the setting sun reflecting in the tree tops. What I don’t like is that I missed focus a bit. I would have liked it sharper of course (I was not in the best position for steady hands when I took it, bending almost 180 degrees backwards almost falling over haha), and more to the right of the tree trunk…

To make our conditions for the challenge similar, I chose aperture 5.6 in 50 mm zoom for both photos, since that is the lowest aperture Jen would have if she zoomed in at 50 mm.



This one is stretching the theme a bit, but the tree is there. 🙂 This has also been through a bit of tweaking in Photoshop.

Check out Jen’s photos in her blog!

For the next theme we chose: Texture. That will be a challenge for me to make that into interesting photos. Jen is a master at it so am so excited to see her photos!