Lycka över nytt objektiv!

”New camera lens happiness!” English summary below

Jag är så glad!

Äntligen gjorde jag slag i saken och satsade på ett nytt lite bättre objektiv och ett bättre stativ som orkar bära kameran ordentligt. De kom igår och idag åkte jag på nytt till Lidingöbron efter jobbet för att se om lite av den där magin jag upplevde häromveckan kunde återskapas.

Det kunde den inte – inte som den dagen. Den magin kommer jag nog få jaga i evighet. Men lite mer magi än sist i alla fall. Och jag är så lycklig över mitt nya objektiv. En helt annan skärpa.

Jag frös som en tok. Jag var verkligen inte klädd för tillfället. Mina handskar hade jag glömt hemma så händerna kändes som djupfrysta. Låren var helt bortdomnade av kylan eftersom jag inte hade några långkallingar under byxorna som skydd. Men vem bryr sig? Jag hade så kul!

Nu vill jag ut och fota mera med mitt nya objektiv!

Vad tycker ni?

Hotell Foresta Lidingö från Ropsten
Finlandsfärjan anländer Frihamnen! Bodal och Larsberg kastar sina ljuspelare i vattnet på Lidingö till vänster.
Frihamnen från Lidingö


New camera lens happiness

I finally decided to actually go for it. To get a new better lens for my camera and a new better tripod.

They arrived yesterday and today on my way home from work I went by Ropsten and Lidingöbron again to try to find that magic again I experienced the other week.

The magic was of course not there today either but at least it was a bit more interesting than last time. And I am so happy with the new lens. What a difference in sharpness!

I was not dressed for the occasion. It was freezing cold. I forgot my gloves at home so my hands felt like deep frozen. My thighs went numb since I had no tights under my pants to protect them from the cold. But who cares? I was having fun!

I can’t wait to get out with my new lens now to take more photos!

What do you think of the photos?

Old photos

On my photo walk on Sunday I got lost! So I didn’t get to take as many photos as I wanted and the weather was very dull so the short time I could take photos I could only get a few for Jen’s and my tree project on Thursday. For the project, the ”flat” grey weather worked pretty well though.

I browsed through my folders on my computer and found photos from up to over five years ago. It is fun to look back. Because I can see development! The photos I take now are actually even better than photos I took only a year ago. That makes me so happy to see that I can improve.

I thought I’d show a couple of older photos showing parts of the walk or bike ride to work.


This little red house is situated near the waterline in the little tiny water of Husarviken (couldn’t find an English link but you can see this red house in one of the photos there too 🙂 ). I haven’t been able to walk or cycle that way for several years now. They are building a new large urban area, Norra Djurgårdsstaden, and this pretty sandroad has been cut off because of the construction of this area. I wonder what the road will look like once they are finished and open it up again. I hope they haven’t changed it too much. I loved that little road.


Another part of the walk or bike road to work that I love is the road alongside Lidingöbanan. Especially when you walk down the hill towards the water of Lake Värtan and Lidingöbron – the bridge from Lidingö to Stockholm. You see the bridge here in the background – the photo is taken from the Lidingö side of the bridge so opposite the bridge is Stockholm and Ropsten underground. I also love walking across the bridge. Living near water is essential for me and luckily it is all around me in Stockholm, and of course living on an island! 🙂


This photo is taken at the same time as the one above. I really love this photo – glad I found it again since I had forgotten about it.

But I can really tell I have improved in my photography. Both technically and in ”finding the image” and composing. Hopefully I will continue to improve. Have so much to learn!