Photo project painting with light – water

Time for this week’s photos in Jen’s and my photo poject painting with light. This time I wanted to play with light and water. I have noticed when I shower that the light from the window creates a nice stripe effect on the water from the shower so I decided to play with that. TheseFortsätt läsa ”Photo project painting with light – water”

Black and white in candle light

Back on track with updates again after three days away from this blog. Still happy I have managed to post at least one entry per weekday. Kudos to me. I have been away on a work trip to Borås and came home today (yesterday when this entry is posted 🙂 ). I had a busyFortsätt läsa ”Black and white in candle light”

What is art?

I have found so many cool Photoshop tutorials on youtube.  I find it really cool that besides the usual photo editing you can also ”create” an image in Photoshop. You can make art in it. Or can you? If you ask me, yes. The Swedish photo artist Erik Johansson is an example of how you canFortsätt läsa ”What is art?”

Apropå vardag

Jag fortsätter dagens andra inlägg på samma vardagstema som förra inlägget. Det är liksom vardag framför kreativitet som gäller för mig den här veckan. Dessutom har det varit ett sådant dåligt fotoväder att jag inte har kunnat komma ut och fota. Men Jen och jag har i alla fall spännande och utmanande teman framöver i vårtFortsätt läsa ”Apropå vardag”

Photoshop snow

Youtube is such an amazing source for aspiring ”photographers” like me who are eager to learn as much as possible about photography and Photoshop editing. And who can’t afford too many expensive photography or Photoshop courses. The more I learn about editing, the more I am starting to enjoy that just as much as taking theFortsätt läsa ”Photoshop snow”

Soft glow

I found this Photoshop tutorial on my favourite photography tips youtube channel. He is great. You can watch the tutorial here: I really love this effect. I think I will have a lot of use for it once I get the hang of it. I tried it on a photo that I have previously posted hereFortsätt läsa ”Soft glow”