Photo project: painting with light 2

Time for week 2 of Jen’s and my new photo project painting with light. A very playful theme. For this week I wanted to play with colours, but I don’t have any other light source than my torch. In order to be able to get different colours I used those transparent plastic files you haveFortsätt läsa ”Photo project: painting with light 2”

The tree project favourites

Last week Jen and I started a new photo project – painting with light. My photos for this week will be up at 3 pm CET. But before I leave our previous project of trees behind I’d like to sum it up with my personal favourite photos from those 8 weeks. It was a funFortsätt läsa ”The tree project favourites”

Old photos

On my photo walk on Sunday I got lost! So I didn’t get to take as many photos as I wanted and the weather was very dull so the short time I could take photos I could only get a few for Jen’s and my tree project on Thursday. For the project, the ”flat” greyFortsätt läsa ”Old photos”

Wintery tea break

On my photo walk on Sunday in my dear Elfvik, I was out for four and a half hours. It was such a lovely winter day. Clear blue sky with the low and pale yellow wintersun bringing out the sparkles in the snow and in the ice. -10 C with high clear air that filledFortsätt läsa ”Wintery tea break”