Sporadisk höst

English summary below

Jag saknar att skriva ned mina tankar här i min blogg. Min lilla plats i cyberspace.

Men det är bara att inse att det är, och kommer att vara, en hektisk höst så uppdateringen här kommer att vara sporadisk. Mer ofta ibland, och uppehåll ibland. Uppehållen kan bli några dagar, eller veckor. Allt beror på hur mycket jobb jag har och vad jag orkar med.

Tyvärr är det så för mig att stress sänker kreativiteten och inspirationen. Fast jag skulle önska att det inte var så – för det är ju faktiskt avkoppling för mig att skriva och fota. Men när orken tryter så gör den och då gör den det även när det gäller tankeverksamheten som styr inspirationen.

Har ni något knep för hur man behåller den kreativa energin och inspirationen även när man är stressad så dela med er! 🙂

I miss writing my thoughts here in my blog. My little corner of cyberspace.

However a stressful autumn will make the blog updates sporadic. Unfortunately stress affects my creativity och inspiration badly. I wish it was different since writing and photographing are relaxing activities for me. But when I am tired and low on energy it also makes my thought processes tired and low on energy too – the thought processes that control my inspiration.

Any tips on how to keep the creative energy even through stress? Please share! 🙂



Thank god for Easter

Easter holiday is approaching. A four-day leave from work. Yay.

I can’t wait, because I want to take my camera out again. It has been too long now. My archive of new photos is empty so I have no photos to show in the blog either. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t even been able to get out on photo walks.

That will definitely happen this Easter. Keep your fingers crossed there will be some day with nicer photo weather over the holiday.

I don’t know about you – but I often lose inspiration a bit this time of the year when it comes to taking pictures. Because now I am just waiting for spring when nature displays some colour again and that first sheer budding green that glows almost transparent in the sunlight. Little creeks running free again after the ice has broken. Hepaticas and anemones flooding the green grass with fields of blue and white mixed with the dandelions  shinging like hundred yellow suns.

Spring, come!

Northern lights

I have a dream that I one day will get to see the northern lights. It must one of the most beautiful things there is to see in my mind. Magic.

And what do I hear? The day before yesterday the northern lights were visible here in Lidingö and I didn’t see it. It has been visable down here several times this winter and I have missed it every time. What are the odds that it appears this far south and what are the odds that it does it several times in one season and what are the odds that I miss it each time?

If you want to see truly magical photos of the northern lights from northern Sweden where it is really strong and beautiful, check out young artist Jonna Jinton’s blog. She is a big inspiration of mine both in her way of life, her view on life and her art. Her photos convey everything my heart and soul feels about nature. If you want to see truly magical photos of the deep forests and beautiful landscapes of the North in general her blog is a must.

I am stilll bummed I missed another northern lights in my own town! 😦

I wish I had my own photos to show you but I don’t.

Here are some reader photos from northern lights over Lidingö in October last year in tabloid Expressen.