All fun and play!

This would be the entry where I  would normally put up this week’s photo project photos, but both Jen and I have been busy so we agreed to post them tomorrow instead. So tomorrow at 3 pm CET my photos will be up.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and off work, so I am planning a shopping trip to Panduro to buy some cheap water paint. I have been looking at different water painting techniques on Pinterest and thought I would play around with them. I can’t draw or paint anything that resembles anything. But I can still play around with colours and techniques for my own entertainment and noone to see.

I remember playing around with water colour techniques as a child in school or if it was preschool. For example how fun and cool it was to see how the paint just spread out and mixed in different patterns when you splashed paint on wet paper etc.  I will not be ”creating”. I will be playing with water colours, like I did then, when I was a child. I feel that inner child of mine bounce around all excited inside me when I think about the fun I will have.

Do you ever let your inner child play?