Ute i kylan

”Out in the Cold”  Summary in English after the photos.

Det har varit en mild vinter minst sagt.

Men i början av januari hade vi några riktigt fina dagar som bjöd på det bästa vintern har att ge. Jag gick ut. Dryga fem kilometers promenad senare kom jag hem, blöt med kalla fötter, men lycklig!

Promenaden var som en dröm.

En perfekt magisk vinterdag. Då kylan biter i kinderna, precis så där lagom så att de blir röda av kylan, men inte gör ont. Solen skiner krispigt blekgul lågt på himlen och kastar långa skuggor, himlen lyser vinterblå mellan lätta moln. Snötäcket bäddar in landskapet och reflekterar solen i bländande vitt. Pyttesmå snöflingor fyller luften med glittrande stjärnstoft när de fångas upp av solens strålar.

En vintersaga. På riktigt. Det var nästan så att jag fick nypa mig i armen för att inse att det var verklighet.

Känslan av att ha varit med om något riktigt speciellt och magiskt satt i flera dagar efteråt. Lätt i själen. Förundrad och lycklig.

Tänk att en promenad en perfekt vinterdag kan åstadkomma detta.

Har du haft någon vinter hos dig i år? Vad tycker du är det bästa med vintern?

Kottla, Lidingö
Långängen, Lidingö
Långängen, Lidingö

Out in the cold

We have had a really mild winter.

But one day in early January, I went for a walk in a magical winter landscape. One of those fairy tale winter days where everything was just perfect.

The cold air was crisp and clear, just cold enough to make my cheeks turn red, but not hurt. Tiny tiny snowflakes sprinkled the air in fairy stardust sparkles as they were hit by the pale yellow winter sun. The snow cover blinded me as it reflected the sun.

It was such a fairy tale. Magical.

I had to pinch myself to realise it was all real. The magical feeling stayed with me for days afterwards. My soul so light. Astounded and happy.

Imagine that a winter walk on a perfect winter’s day can do that to you.

Have you had any winter so far this year where you are? What is the best thing about winter to you?


Today I had the most amazing photo walk in my Elfvik paradise. Even though I only took a couple of photos. The sun sparkles in the water inspried me to film instead of taking photos. This film will be up tomorrow. I am teasing a bit! 😉 Building up suspension. Building up expectations. So you are now at the edge of your seats and expect a masterpiece no less. Right?? 😉

But in all honesty it is just a bunch of clips of ”moving photos” so to speak. I like the addition movement gives to a scene that a still photograph can’t convey. I also like how the film media allows you to edit and add music to the scenes. An extra dimension.

I took some lazy snapshots with the mobile phone when I just wanted a quick photo to document the walk. Taking out the camera and prepare it would take too long, too much trouble, for just plain snapshots.

A popular day at Elfvik! I am sitting in the car waiting for someone to leave. I was lucky. I only waited 5 minutes.

Sun-sparkling water. The most beautiful sight I know.

Elfviks gård. A farm, with an antique shop, café and horses. And hens on the loose, walking around.

Blue sky, blue water, yellow grass waiting to be painted in green.

When you walk along the water around Elfvik (and other places in Lidingö) you realise that the Island really is like the first step into the archipelago. Because of the bridge and closeness to central Stockholm one tend to forget that. I feel privileged to live here in my humble little studio apartment. A roof over my head, food on the table, healthy family and friends and beautifiul surroundings. That’s all I need. ❤

I finish with some camera shots, teasing the video that will come up tomorrow.



Editing video.

The tree project 7 – trees in winter

I was planning to get out to take photos for Jen’s and my tree project this evening after I came home from my trip but I got caught up with work so those plans had to go. So for this week’s theme – trees in winter – I go back to old photos. I took a photo on one of my photo walks in the beginning of the year that I have been saving for the tree project for one day it might fit one of our themes. And now I think it fits! 🙂 Especially since winter now is no longer this beautiful. All the snow is long gone and has been exchanged by rain, rain, rain and more than 50 shades of grey.

What do you think?

Setting sun.

Go over to Jen’s blog to see her entry for this week’s theme. Her photos will be more current and I know they will be beautiful! Can’t wait to see her interpretation of trees in winter with her skills with textures and light.

Finding the picture

In my journey to practise my eye for the best photos and to improve my ”seeing”, I have started to really taking my time when I try to find a picture. I look at angles, light and shadows. I am not finding it all perfectly yet, but at least I am looking. Before I didn’t know until I got home and downloaded the photos to the computer if it was a good picture or not. I still do, but more often the picture I had in my mind show up on the memory card too. 🙂 So I am hoping that practice will make nearer perfect. I find it rather rewarding to ”really” take in the scene or subject. To actively think of it and how to show it.

I am hoping that this is a first step to take better photos. Before I was kind of stuck in the kind of photos I took. Often rather simple ones. A twig there, a leaf there, a flower there and some backlight, and shallow depth of field. And that was my photo. You have seen examples of such photos in this blog. I nowadays call them ”a typical boring Marie-photo”. 🙂

I want to become more creative and find different angles. Different perspectives. New ways to see the twig, the leaf, the flower etc. At the same time I also want to really try to figure out what it is I want to show with the photo. Not just take a photo ”to take a photo”. I often ask myself now ”why do you want to take this photo?”. If I can’t think of a specific answer – the photo is probably not going to be a good photo. Before I just took photos without thinking.

The reason for taking a photo now doesn’t always have to be to get a ”great photo”. It can for example be because I see the light in a way I want to try to capture on camera. The actual subject doesn’t matter, it is just for technique and learning purposes. I don’t mean to show the photos to anyone, just to see how the light turned out, or a specific effect, a specific exposure.

I am hoping that this is a way forward to taking better photos eventually. I find it a lot of fun.

If you also like to take photos – what do you do to become better? If you are a beginner and amateur like me? Or if you are a professional – how did you learn? What is your trick to get better? 🙂


Walking through a gate of trees, looking for the picture!


”Hmm, the light up there through those trees looks kind of nice….”