Att möta en ny dag

English below. To meet a new day.

I lördags ringde väckarklockan kvart över fyra på morgonen. Med dimmiga ögon klädde jag mig varmt och kokade en termos med te. Jag kollade att jag hade allt jag behövde i kameraväskan och gav mig iväg i det djupblå gryningsljuset, just innan solljuset börjar nå horistonten.

5:13 var den magiska tidpunkten jag väntade på. Det där förtrollande ögonblicket när solen till slut skulle nå över horisonten och sudda ut den djupblå gryningen med sitt gyllene varma morgonljus. Vid Fågelöudde skulle jag enligt min fotoapp ha bästa sikt av solen över horistonten.

Det var så stilla ute. Det enda som hördes var fåglarnas morgonsång – inte ens bruset av Stockholmstrafiken i fjärran som alltid ligger som en konstant ljudkuliss i bakgrunden hördes i denna tidiga timma.  Jag satte mig i bilen och ägde vägarna – jag mötte bara en enda bil på vägen.  Just när jag rattade förbi ängen här nedanför såg jag två rävar på vägen framför mig. Jag stannade och betraktade dem medan de gick över vägen. När de kommit över till andra sidan stannade de båda till, vände synkront på sina huvuden och mötte min blick. Det var ett så fint ögonblick att jag faktiskt fick tårar i ögonen. Ja – definitivt värt den tidiga morgonen!

Framme vid Fågeluödde blåste de nordvästliga vindarna friskt och kallt och piskade vattnet. Kylan från vinden fick mina händer och kinder att stelna medan jag fixade med kameran. Men när soluppgångens skådespel började glömde jag helt kylan och blev fångad av stunden. Det var så otroligt vackert. Solen spred sitt magiska gyllene ljus över horisonten och strålarnas pelare över det upprörda vattnet glödde.

Den bästa morgonen så långt tillbaka jag kan minnas.

Har du något speciellt morgonminne?

Här är lite klipp från denna fantastiska morgon.


English summary

To meet a new day

The other Saturday, the alarm went off at 4:15 in the morning. An early morning to try to catch the sunrise was my plan. Very tired I stood up, determined not to give in to a sleep-in morning.

I got dressed, packed my camera gear and a thermos of hot tea and off I went. The streets were empty. I met only one car on my way to Fågeluödde, where my photo app promised a good view of the sunrise,

It was so peaceful and quite outside this early morning. Not even the constant background roaming of the heavy Stockholm traffic in the distance was there. All I could hear was the morning birds happy tweeting filling the chilly air in the brisk northwest wind. Right before the sunrise everything was covered in a deep deep blue light. So gorgeous.

As I was driving by the meadow just down the road where I live, a couple of foxes was crossing the road in front of me. I stopped the car and watched them pass. As they safely had passed the road they stopped and simultanously and synchronised turned their heads towards me, and I looked them in the eyes. It was such a beautiful moment I got all teary-eyed! Yes, it was definitely worth the sacrifice of a sleep-in morning.

As I arrived to Fågelöudde, the heavy northwest winds hit the water that responded with big busy Waves. The windchill hit my cheaks and hands as I prepared the camera. It was freezing cold, but as the scenery of the sunrise began, I forgot all about freezing and got totally caught up in the moment. The sun spread its magical golden light over the horizon and it glowed in the busy water. It was so beautiful.

This was by far the best morning I can remember for a long time.

Do you have any precous morning memories?

Have a look at the videoclip above where I tried to capture my morning. I still haven’t learned proper colour correcting in Adobe Premiere so I am not all too happy about the red colour casts in the clip. But I wanted to share it anyway. 🙂

A work day morning

Monday. First day of the work week after a weekend that passed way too quickly. As they usually do. Why is it that there is a different time on days off than on workdays? And you wake up all bright and alert right before the alarm clock on your day off, and on a workday you wake up feeling you have only slept for thirty minutes.

That is a mystery never to be solved.

Waking up at 5:30, snoozing until 5:50. Then I walk out of bed and in a daze to the bathroom to have a zombie-like shower to make me more human. I brush my teeth with a little more alert and less swollen eyes looking at my tired reflection in the mirror.

”Oh dear, still not all human yet….”

I look through my closet for something to wear, and ask myself the same thing every morning: ”I have nothing to wear. Why didn’t I prepare this yesterday evening?”

And every evening I say to myself: ”I should be preparing what to wear tomorrow… Nah, I’ll do it in the morning. I can wake up 5 minutes sooner.”

Never happens.

I walk out the door to pick up  the car out of the garage. ”Oh look, it’s almost daylight!” A silent on the outside but loud on the inside spring cry a la Ronja The Robber’s Daughter tumbles happily inside me. Until I feel the cold degrees and see the frosty ground, roofs and cars. ”Oh darn, still winter… But at least the cold wakes me up!”

At about 6:50-7 am I park at work. Hitting jackpot every morning when noone else has taken the two parking lots just outside work.

I love being early at work. The main reason for starting at 7 is to not be ruined by the new congestion tax fees in Stockholm, but a bonus is the peace and quiet I get. I am all alone at work for about an hour and the phone is still quiet. Heavenly.

I eat my breakfast and have a cup of tea in front of the computer, while going through e-mails.

The day has begun and I am finally 100% human again.

Just one who wishes it was at least Friday!

Monday morning tea.