Jag är tillbaka!

(English summary below)

Efter en bloggpaus under våren och sommaren är jag nu tillbaka. Livet har varit rörigt utanför bloggen så pausen var välbehövlig. Men tack vare en härlig sommarsemester med fem långa lediga avkopplande veckor är jag på banan igen. Mycket tack vare en nyfunnen kreativ passion i meditativ ”konst”, som jag nu så gärna vill få dela med mig av i bloggen. Det är terapi. Jag kan förlora mig i timmar och jag vet aldrig när jag börjar hur slutresultatet kommer att bli. Det blir vad det blir, vad mina händer och min hjärna vill att det ska bli just där och då.

Detta kommer antagligen att bli ett återkommande tema i bloggen framöver. Eftersom jag är så lycklig över detta. Det får mig att må så bra, och ger även mig en möjlighet att kunna uttrycka mig kreativt. Att jag har blivit så biten av det, är för att de här ”teknikerna” ger ALLA den möjligheten och jag tror att vi alla behöver få kontakt med vår inre kreativitet för att må bättre. Jag tror att det är ett grundläggande väldigt mänskligt behov som har blivit alltför försummat i vår moderna tid. Man behöver inte  vara Van Gogh eller Rembrandt för att kunna skapa något fint! Med meditativ konst skapar du för din egen skull. Och det är enkelt. Alla kan göra det.

Mandala, Zentangle och doodling är några uttryck inom detta område och jag älskar dem allihop. Jag vill dela med mig till er, som liksom jag inte kan rita och måla men som ändå vill kunna skapa något fint och få låta hjärnan koppla av en stund samtidigt. Det finns liksom inget ”rätt eller fel” eller ”bra eller dåligt” inom meditativ konst. Det som blir, det blir, det var meningen!

Häng med, så kan vi skapa och må bra tillsammans! 🙂


I’m back!

I had to take a longer blog break over spring and summer. Sometimes life outside the blog gets too busy and messy. But thanks to a wonderful long summer holiday of five relaxing weeks I am back on track. I owe a lot of that to my newfound creative passion in meditative ”art”, that I now want to share in the blog. It is better than therapy. I can get lost for hours doing it, and when I start I have no idea what the end result will be. It becomes whatever comes out of my mind and hands at that moment.

Count on this to be a recurring theme in the blog. Because it makes me so happy and gives me a chance to express myself creatively. The fact that I have become so devoted to this, is because it gives EVERYONE that chance and I Think more of us would feel a lot better if we got in touch with our inner creativity that I strongly believe we all have. I think it is a basic human need that has been neglected in this modern age. You don’t have to be Van Gogh or Rembrandt to create something pretty! With meditative art, it is all about your own creative process, you create for you. And it’s easy. Everyone can do it.

Mandala, Zentangle and doodling are three examples of this area and I love them all. I want to share this with all of you who are like me, you can’t paint or draw but you still want to be able to create something pretty and at the same time let your mind relax. There is no ”right or wrong” or ”good or bad” in meditative art. Whatever comes out on your paper, was meant to be!

Join me, and let’s start to create and feel good together! 🙂



Photo project: painting with light


For this week of Jen’s and my photo project I was inspired by some of Jen’s previous themes: windows, glass and light and how one object can turn into something completely different depending on how you play with light, sharpness etc.

I have always been fascinating by the sunlight through my bathroom window. It’s something I notice everytime I take a shower! The window glass has a ”wiggly” structure to it so that it lets in light but you can’t look through it. A very convenient structure for a bathroom window. 😉 So when the sunlight hits the window it creates some really cool effects. And when I got really close with the camera I got different colour and light effect  depending on how I angled the camera.  This first set of two illustrates that. All I did here was to turn up the saturation a bit.

I also noticed as I played around with depth of field and angles that the window texture could give impressions of being something else. In these two I got a feeling of ripply water catching the last rays of the setting sun.

For the last two I used my biggest aperture, 1.4, and close to maximum shallow depth of field to really get the bokeh going, and got these effects. I get the feeling of smoke and fire or a coppery surface.

I find it really cool how a sunlit structured bathroom window can make me think of smoke and fire, copper and sunlit water.

What do you think? What do you see?

Don’t miss Jen’s photos! I don’t know when they will be up so be sure to check her blog out so that you don’t miss them.

Photo project painting with light – water

Time for this week’s photos in Jen’s and my photo poject painting with light. This time I wanted to play with light and water. I have noticed when I shower that the light from the window creates a nice stripe effect on the water from the shower so I decided to play with that. These photos are the result of backlit shower water and variation of shutterspeed, and depth of field, for creating the stripes of water contrasting the square pattern of the background tiles, and having fun in Photoshop to create the colour effects.

These pojects to me is about playing around and having fun and learning by doing and experimenting. For artistic quality I recommend Jen’s photos 😉





All fun and play!

This would be the entry where I  would normally put up this week’s photo project photos, but both Jen and I have been busy so we agreed to post them tomorrow instead. So tomorrow at 3 pm CET my photos will be up.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and off work, so I am planning a shopping trip to Panduro to buy some cheap water paint. I have been looking at different water painting techniques on Pinterest and thought I would play around with them. I can’t draw or paint anything that resembles anything. But I can still play around with colours and techniques for my own entertainment and noone to see.

I remember playing around with water colour techniques as a child in school or if it was preschool. For example how fun and cool it was to see how the paint just spread out and mixed in different patterns when you splashed paint on wet paper etc.  I will not be ”creating”. I will be playing with water colours, like I did then, when I was a child. I feel that inner child of mine bounce around all excited inside me when I think about the fun I will have.

Do you ever let your inner child play?

Photoshop snow

Youtube is such an amazing source for aspiring ”photographers” like me who are eager to learn as much as possible about photography and Photoshop editing. And who can’t afford too many expensive photography or Photoshop courses. The more I learn about editing, the more I am starting to enjoy that just as much as taking the actual photo. You can have so much fun with Photoshop. It is an art tool in itself!

Through a blog I follow of a young (Swedish) girl, Nevnarien, who is a great photographer and inspiration for me, I found this Youtube tutorial about adding snow to your photos by creating a snow brush in Photoshop.

I tried it on a photo I posted in this entry and another photo from the same day that I discarded, because the slow shutterspeed blurs out the snow so it just looks like a mist instead of snow. I of course need to practise to get the best effect, but let me show you the before and after photos. Which versions do you prefer? 🙂


Before – here the snow also has disappeared through slow shutterspeed.


After. As it is usually most visable in darker areas I put most of the painted-on snow on those parts and adding motion blur to make it look like heavy snowfall.


Before. Mist.


After. Snow? Motion blur, Gaussian blur and different layers.

I need practice but it is a cool effect. How do you like them?

Stay tuned for the tree project this afternoon on this English Tuesday! 🙂 Today’s theme is black and white texture.

Texture – the tree project

Yesterday was one of those perfect winter days.  I was a bit late for my little photography excursion so I missed a lot of light. But I did catch the amazing winter sunset.

The air was completely still and the sky was cloud-free. The sun was just about to set and cast long dark shadows over the ice-covered lake. Despite the near sunset, the time was just around three. The lake was still buzzling with life from people iceskating and skiing across it like an icey lake highway. On a barbeque site by a wooden wind shed on a hill facing the water some people had a barbeque party in the snow. Voices of laughter and excitement both from the ice and the barbeque broke the otherwise peaceful air.

It doesn’t get any better than this in winter.

I was lucky to be out on this perfect day for my contribution to Jen’s and my treeproject. Theme of the week: texture. This is a difficult theme for me. To find texture and to make it into an interesting enough photo on top of that. I am not sure I even have ”interpreted” this theme correctly. Jen however is a master at textures, being the artist she is.

The theme also allowed tweaking with filters in Photoshop.

Here they are, my texture photos.

The first photo is a typical old boring ”Marie” photo. Nothing spectacular… But I must say something positive about every photo. I like the combination of the soft colours, the very last glimpses of the soft daylight and the sheer twigs with tiny little cones. They all go together. That is why I even post it.


Next is my ”three-in-one” photo. The same photo but different Photoshop effects. I turned the photo into sepia since this deep into the forest the sun didn’t come through. So the original colours were very dull, but I still like the ”vertical” trees. For the first photo, the most original one, I only added some light brushes as a sunlight effect. The middle photo is tweaked with the stylize filter, adding a cool effect I think with the twigs and branches making the photo less busy. The last one is a couple of blur filters. I kind of like the photos together more than each one separately. All filters are meant to emphasize something with the texture. If they succeed – I don’t know. 🙂


My personal favourite photo is this last one. And I promise – this photo is real, no special tweaking. It is the setting sun lighting up the tree, making it glow in that fantastic red colour, causing an amazing contrast to all the busy dark twigs against the sky. It was surreal. I think I managed to catch that. Nature is god damn amazing!


What do you think? Which photo do you like best, if any? 🙂

Now don’t forget to check out Jen’s texture photos in her blog. She knows her stuff so definitely worth a visit! 🙂 If you want real art, read her blog.

Tree project 1

Happy New Year! 🙂

I was planning to write a resume of 2015 today for the English part of the blog but I won’t have time so I will put that up on Tuesday.

What I will do is to present the two photos I got to take for Jen’s and my tree project’s first theme. Shallow depth of field. I am not 100% satisfied with this first photo -which is the one most true to the theme. I can do a lot better. I might try a few more of shallow depth of field even though we now have a new theme. What I love about the photo (I always have to find something I like in my photos to practise not being so self-critical!) is the light. The contrast with the white tree trunk and the setting sun reflecting in the tree tops. What I don’t like is that I missed focus a bit. I would have liked it sharper of course (I was not in the best position for steady hands when I took it, bending almost 180 degrees backwards almost falling over haha), and more to the right of the tree trunk…

To make our conditions for the challenge similar, I chose aperture 5.6 in 50 mm zoom for both photos, since that is the lowest aperture Jen would have if she zoomed in at 50 mm.



This one is stretching the theme a bit, but the tree is there. 🙂 This has also been through a bit of tweaking in Photoshop.

Check out Jen’s photos in her blog!

For the next theme we chose: Texture. That will be a challenge for me to make that into interesting photos. Jen is a master at it so am so excited to see her photos!


A tree project

I am excited.

My dear friend Jen is an amazing artist with great creative talent. Everything she touches becomes beautiful art. She is a great supporter in my creative journey. She is helping my mind to be more creative in my thinking and gives me valuable feedback on my photos and creative efforts.

She is also interested in exploring photography. She is my twin soul when it comes to how we feel about nature and beauty (and so many other things too!).

We have decided to start a photo project together. The subject is trees. From different aspects. We alternate to choose a theme per week.

So we will both learn from each other and together through this project. I, for now, know more about the camera functions and Photoshop, even though my knowledge is very basic. Jen just recently got her first digital SLR camera and wants to learn to use it. She brings her creative mind and talent to the project. For Jen to get the hang of operating the camera and master Photoshop will be an easier task than for me to develop that creative and artistic ”seeing” and understanding that she has. I know I never fully will, but if I only manage to develop 10% of her creative talent I am happy :). That creative understanding is way more important than just knowing basic operations on a camera for great creations and photos.

So I have a lot more to learn, and also to gain, on this project! Thanks Jen, can’t wait to see where this project will lead us.

You can follow my project results and progress in this blog. Hopefully Jen will put up her photos on her blog too. You don’t want to miss out on them – believe me. I suggest you have a look at her blog anyway!

The first theme choice for the tree project, for this week, was mine and is technical.

Shallow depth of field.

Stay tuned! 🙂