Wintery tea break

On my photo walk on Sunday in my dear Elfvik, I was out for four and a half hours. It was such a lovely winter day. Clear blue sky with the low and pale yellow wintersun bringing out the sparkles in the snow and in the ice. -10 C with high clear air that filledFortsätt läsa ”Wintery tea break”

Tree project 3 – black and white texture

Time has not allowed me to go out to take more photos so I have to make do with some ”left-overs” from last time. This means I am not too happy about these. But as this creative journey partly for me is to learn to try and experiment and fail – this entry is an exersice in that. The themeFortsätt läsa ”Tree project 3 – black and white texture”

Tree project 1

Happy New Year! 🙂 I was planning to write a resume of 2015 today for the English part of the blog but I won’t have time so I will put that up on Tuesday. What I will do is to present the two photos I got to take for Jen’s and my tree project’s firstFortsätt läsa ”Tree project 1”