Photo project: painting with light

  For this week of Jen’s and my photo project I was inspired by some of Jen’s previous themes: windows, glass and light and how one object can turn into something completely different depending on how you play with light, sharpness etc. I have always been fascinating by the sunlight through my bathroom window. It’sFortsätt läsa ”Photo project: painting with light”

Photo project: Painting with light

Soap bubbles part two! 🙂 This week’s photo project photos of Jen’s and my project. Don’t forget to check her photos out. I am not sure when she will put them up, but bookmark her blog and enjoy her creativity in generell while waiting for the photos :). I had so much fun with theFortsätt läsa ”Photo project: Painting with light”

Photo project – painting with light

Ok. So I might have bended the theme a bit this week. But one could say it is at least playing with light and colours. I was devoting myself to try out soap bubbles and water effects. I covered a cutting board in a colourful gift wrapping paper and put it in the sink asFortsätt läsa ”Photo project – painting with light”

Photo project painting with light – water

Time for this week’s photos in Jen’s and my photo poject painting with light. This time I wanted to play with light and water. I have noticed when I shower that the light from the window creates a nice stripe effect on the water from the shower so I decided to play with that. TheseFortsätt läsa ”Photo project painting with light – water”

Photo project: painting with light

FINALLY I get to upload my photos for this week in Jen’s and my photo Project. I didn’t quite get the results I had hoped. I was aiming for some low key lighting of my tulips but failed that – the result came out like just flat light doing nothing for the Beautiful tulips. LuckilyFortsätt läsa ”Photo project: painting with light”

Photo project – painting with light 3

Jag bryter av fredagens blogg med att redovisa veckans fotoprojekt i samarbete med Jen idag istället för igår. Därför kommer jag nu att byta språk till engelska.. 3 …2 … 1 Here we go. I hope my English speaking readers (not that many but still 😉 ), find this entry even though it is not postedFortsätt läsa ”Photo project – painting with light 3”

Evening light

The days are getting longer and brighter. The darkest darkness in the night is still dark but a hint of light breaks through with a little help from city lights. It is only a couple of weeks left until daylight saving time. I can’t wait. From then on, the light will start to really take over theFortsätt läsa ”Evening light”

Photo project: painting with light 2

Time for week 2 of Jen’s and my new photo project painting with light. A very playful theme. For this week I wanted to play with colours, but I don’t have any other light source than my torch. In order to be able to get different colours I used those transparent plastic files you haveFortsätt läsa ”Photo project: painting with light 2”

The tree project favourites

Last week Jen and I started a new photo project – painting with light. My photos for this week will be up at 3 pm CET. But before I leave our previous project of trees behind I’d like to sum it up with my personal favourite photos from those 8 weeks. It was a funFortsätt läsa ”The tree project favourites”

Photo project: painting with light

It’s time for a new theme, a new photo project, for Jen and I. Jen came up with the first one, trees, and she also came up with this second one – painting with light. It is a very creative theme that can be interpreted in many exciting ways. There is a ”discipline” of sortsFortsätt läsa ”Photo project: painting with light”