Balcony premiere


You know that day you dream about all through the dark cold winter? That day that you in early January think will never come and seems like a fairy tale? That first REAL warm spring day?

For me that was today.

I felt so alive. It’s amazing how much spring, sun, warm air and a bursting blooming nature affect your soul. At least mine. A colleague and I took a short lunch walk during lunch break along the little path in the woods behind campus. Little spring green buds on the trees literally growing before our eyes, hills filled with hundreds and hundreds of wood anemones brightening up the ground turning their gorgeous white petals to the sun, birds singing happily. Heavenly.

As I got home I decided to try the balcony since I know it is always warmer there than the actual degrees. It was hot as in summer. So I finally moved my bike from its winter rest on the balcony to the cycle stand outside to make room for a temporary quick fix of the balcony. Which meant my sun chair and my dirty old balcony table. I had filled my thermos with tea and had some vegetable snacks with youghurt with it (trying to be healthy 😉 ). I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there. In just a tank top, and not freezing.

Welcome back, life.


A study in white – and I don’t mean the tank top. 😉