Jag klottrar mig igenom möten

English summary below

Så här såg mitt mötesklotter ut för något år sedan.

2015-12-08 15.08.42_3

Så här ser det ut nu:


Ganska talande att det på denna bild inte finns en enda anteckning… Det måste ha varit ett långt möte… Skämt åsido. Anteckningarna gjorde jag i ett annat block! 😉

Det som slog mig när jag såg den gamla bilden jämfört med den senare är att mitt experimenterande med meditativ konst har smugit sig in i mitt mötesklotter. Det är rätt coolt faktiskt. Ytterligare ett bevis på hur effektivt det är för att få hjärnan att slappna av och fokusera.

Så långt tillbaka som jag kan minnas har jag klottrat när jag behöver lyssna koncentrerat på någonting. På lektionen eller föreläsningen. På möten. Eller när jag pratar i telefon.

För en utomstående kan det kanske se ut som om jag inte lyssnar eller är ointresserad, men det är precis tvärtom. Ju mer jag klottrar, desto bättre lyssnar jag och desto mer kommer jag ihåg efteråt också.

Jag misstänker att det är samma mekanism i hjärnan som gör att man tänker så där extra klart när man promenerar eller cyklar till exempel. Hjärnan mår bra av att kombinera koncentration med fysisk rörelse och kreativitet. Jag tror man blir smartare faktiskt av det. Att det hjälper hjärnans kognitiva förmåga, för att prata psykologspråk.

Brukar du telefon- eller mötesklottra?


Doodling through meetings

My newly found fascination for meditative art has transformed my meeting doodles. I noticed this as I saw an old photo of doodles I made a couple of years ago in my mobile phone and compared it to a recent doodle page. You see the before and after above.

Before I started experimentering with meditative art, my doodles looked like the first picture. Little squiggly flowers, hearts, trees etc. That was all I could draw. I didn’t realise actually that my meeting doodling had been so affected by my experimenting  until now. It’s kind of cool. That really shows how effective meditative art is to help your mind relax and focus.

As far back as I can remember I have always been doodling as I listen to something. Like in class, a meeting, when on the phone etc. It helps me concentrate and focus, and process what I am listening to. To an outsider it might look as if I am not interested and not listening but it is actually the opposite. The more I doodle, the more I listen and the more I remember.

I think it is the same mechanism that makes you think so clearly when you walk, run or cycle for example. The combination of concentration with physical movement and creativity helps the brain. I think it actually makes you smarter! To speak psych language – it helps the brain’s cognitive ability.


Do you doodle during meetings or when you are on the phone?

A quick hello from the office!

Good morning!

Here comes a quick hello from my office desk. Back after three days in Borås.

Just to say that I am back after yet another little break. I planned to update for these three days on Sunday but never got the chance. Mother’s Day at grandmother’s and physio therapy exercises and a sleepy Marie got in the way.

The weather in Borås was mediterranean. I hope this is not the only summer we will get. It is always a worry when you get heatwaves like this as early in the summer, that the rest will be crap.

Now that I am back home it is a mediterranean in Stockholm too. Didn’t bother with a jacket today.

Ok, so I am back on track. Get ready for regular updates again and enjoy this beautiful Thursday wherever you are! Let the sun shine a light to your heart.

Tea is ready, computer is ready – I am ready. Let the work day begin!


A new day

A quick hello from work before I start my day.

Even though I don’t think so when the alarm goes off at 5:30, I do love to be early at work when I am here. I am all alone and the office is totally quiet. I love the routine of turning on the computer, put on some tea and then a browse through my social media before I begin my work day. Those ten minutes sort of give me the start I need for a good productive day. And when I start working around 7, the office is still empty and quiet for about another hour. Lovely.

It’s a beautiful morning. The night was cold. Frost covered the roofs and glittered in the grass as I walked to the garage at home. When parking at work the sun had just woken up the ”skilla” (don’t know their English name!) flowers. The glowing morning sunlight is starting to thaw the frostbitten petals. It looked so pretty that I had to take a snapshot with the mobile phone.

Wonderful times right now! But don’t you long for the real spring now? With warm air? Frost in all its glory is all fine and pretty, but I want green trees and bushes and blazing flowerage and a thin spring jacket.

I wish you a happy day. Time to work.

bild 1
What are these flowers called in English?



So here is a quick lunchtime update. 🙂

It is a beautiful day here in Stockholm today. The sun is shining and you can feel a hint of warmth from its rays. Finally. A tiny tiny sense of spring even though the shadows and winds are still cold.

A colleague and I decided to go out for lunch at restaurant Syster & Bror here at KTH campus. I had pasta Bolognese for lunch, she had zucchini pasta.

20160223_120245Lunch view

After that we took a short walk around the campus on our way back to the office to enjoy the sunshine just a little bit longer.

We passed a beautiful little tree that I had to capture with my mobile phone.


Now I am getting ready to join my colleagues at the company fair here on campus. This photo is from earlier today when the fair had just opened. Can’t wait to meet the students!