The tree project favourites

Last week Jen and I started a new photo project – painting with light. My photos for this week will be up at 3 pm CET. But before I leave our previous project of trees behind I’d like to sum it up with my personal favourite photos from those 8 weeks. It was a funFortsätt läsa ”The tree project favourites”

The tree project 8 – thoughtfulness

We had a different theme for Jen’s and my tree project this week. We thought we should challenge ourselves with an emotional theme. For me this is very difficult and I was kind of dreading this even though I came up with the theme. The easy way out would be to take a photo of treesFortsätt läsa ”The tree project 8 – thoughtfulness”

The tree project 7 – trees in winter

I was planning to get out to take photos for Jen’s and my tree project this evening after I came home from my trip but I got caught up with work so those plans had to go. So for this week’s theme – trees in winter – I go back to old photos. I tookFortsätt läsa ”The tree project 7 – trees in winter”

The tree project 6 – bokeh

The theme this week, creating our own bokeh pattern, was a really fun and challenging one for me. To actually create something with my hands is not something I am used to. I am clumsy with no fine motorics abilities whatsoever. You will have to use your imagination to interpret my little pattern as aFortsätt läsa ”The tree project 6 – bokeh”

Preparations of bokeh creation

Oh my. Yesterday did not turn out the way I planned blog-wise. The day before when I was supposed to write the blog entries for yesterday I fell asleep! I woke up in the middle of the night, so tired that I just brushed my teeth and didn’t even bother to change into my nightFortsätt läsa ”Preparations of bokeh creation”

The tree project 5 – backlight

Well, as you will have noticed as a recurring theme this week on the blog – lack of time and photo opportunities have made this blog a little less creative this week and more about everyday stuff. So consequently I haven’t had a chance to get out with the camera for new photos for thisFortsätt läsa ”The tree project 5 – backlight”

The tree project 4 – black and white

Jen’s and my tree project  continues. Last week’s theme was texture in black and white. This week black and white in general. I love black and white photography. It immediately gives the photos a whole new atmosphere about them when you remove colour. I also think that winter time is a good season for blackFortsätt läsa ”The tree project 4 – black and white”

Vackra vinter, vackra Elfvik

Alltså gud så vackert det har varit i helgen. Sådana perfekta vinterdagar som man drömmer om under sommarens värmeböljor och glömmer bort slasket och mörkret. Perfekt för att ge sig ut och fota medan vintern finns kvar. Nästa helg blir det nollgradigt eller någon plusgrad lagom till lördag. Då ska jag ut och slira påFortsätt läsa ”Vackra vinter, vackra Elfvik”

Tree project 3 – black and white texture

Time has not allowed me to go out to take more photos so I have to make do with some ”left-overs” from last time. This means I am not too happy about these. But as this creative journey partly for me is to learn to try and experiment and fail – this entry is an exersice in that. The themeFortsätt läsa ”Tree project 3 – black and white texture”

Texture – the tree project

Yesterday was one of those perfect winter days.  I was a bit late for my little photography excursion so I missed a lot of light. But I did catch the amazing winter sunset. The air was completely still and the sky was cloud-free. The sun was just about to set and cast long dark shadowsFortsätt läsa ”Texture – the tree project”