Sporadisk höst

English summary below

Jag saknar att skriva ned mina tankar här i min blogg. Min lilla plats i cyberspace.

Men det är bara att inse att det är, och kommer att vara, en hektisk höst så uppdateringen här kommer att vara sporadisk. Mer ofta ibland, och uppehåll ibland. Uppehållen kan bli några dagar, eller veckor. Allt beror på hur mycket jobb jag har och vad jag orkar med.

Tyvärr är det så för mig att stress sänker kreativiteten och inspirationen. Fast jag skulle önska att det inte var så – för det är ju faktiskt avkoppling för mig att skriva och fota. Men när orken tryter så gör den och då gör den det även när det gäller tankeverksamheten som styr inspirationen.

Har ni något knep för hur man behåller den kreativa energin och inspirationen även när man är stressad så dela med er! 🙂

I miss writing my thoughts here in my blog. My little corner of cyberspace.

However a stressful autumn will make the blog updates sporadic. Unfortunately stress affects my creativity och inspiration badly. I wish it was different since writing and photographing are relaxing activities for me. But when I am tired and low on energy it also makes my thought processes tired and low on energy too – the thought processes that control my inspiration.

Any tips on how to keep the creative energy even through stress? Please share! 🙂



English summary below

Den första känslan av hösten fick jag härom morgonen när jag promenerade till jobbet.

Det var lite kyligt i luften, men inte kallt. Solen sken, himlen var djupt cyanblå och fåglarna sjöng. Vattnet i Värtan krusade sig i morgonbrisen. Luften var hög och klar. Krispig.


Även om jag inte riktigt är redo för hösten än så var det underbart att andas in den klara luften. Jag kände att jag andades in höstens första spår i varje andetag. Syrerik och frisk luft som fyllde mina lungor. Som om hösten ville lämna ett budskap för att påminna om sin existens. ”Jag är på väg. Snart kommer jag med min friska luft och färgar naturen med mina glödande färger. Mina dimslöjor lägger sig sagolikt och mystiskt över morgonlandskapet. Ta emot mig!”.

Hösten är en underbar årstid. Jag kommer att ta emot den med öppna armar.

Men kanske inte riktigt än. En liten känsla då och då går bra än så länge.

För jag har fortfarande sommaren kvar i själen och vill ha kvar den där några veckor till.

Är du redo för hösten?

 There is a sense of autumn in the air. Can you feel it?

I got the first sense of it the other morning when I took a walk to work. The air was chilly but not cold. The sun was shining from a clear deep cyan blue sky. Lake Värtan’s water rippled slightly from the morning breeze. The air was clear and high. Crisp.


It was like that autumn sent a message of its arrival. ”I am on my way. Soon I will come with my fresh air and colour nature with my glowing colours. The morning mist will fall mysteriously over the landscape like a fairy tale. Accept me!”

I love autumn and will accept it with open arms. Not just yet…

I still have summer left in my soul. I want it to stay there a couple of more weeks.

But a hint here and there is ok.

Are you ready for autumn?


Balcony premiere


You know that day you dream about all through the dark cold winter? That day that you in early January think will never come and seems like a fairy tale? That first REAL warm spring day?

For me that was today.

I felt so alive. It’s amazing how much spring, sun, warm air and a bursting blooming nature affect your soul. At least mine. A colleague and I took a short lunch walk during lunch break along the little path in the woods behind campus. Little spring green buds on the trees literally growing before our eyes, hills filled with hundreds and hundreds of wood anemones brightening up the ground turning their gorgeous white petals to the sun, birds singing happily. Heavenly.

As I got home I decided to try the balcony since I know it is always warmer there than the actual degrees. It was hot as in summer. So I finally moved my bike from its winter rest on the balcony to the cycle stand outside to make room for a temporary quick fix of the balcony. Which meant my sun chair and my dirty old balcony table. I had filled my thermos with tea and had some vegetable snacks with youghurt with it (trying to be healthy 😉 ). I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there. In just a tank top, and not freezing.

Welcome back, life.


A study in white – and I don’t mean the tank top. 😉


No photos

Tomorrow Thursday is the day I normally post my photos for Jen’s and my photo project but I have been way too tired to be creative this past week. So I will skip this week and be back on track with project photos next Thursday.

I can’t wait for the long weekend next week. I feel a desperate need for some time off so next week is like God-sent. Which I suppose for religious people it is, since the long weekend is to celebrate Ascension Day. For me it is four blessed days of rest to restore some energy. 🙂

This week I am looking forward to celebrate my grandmother’s 93rd birthday on Saturday. There will be flags waving all over the city and streets with people trying to catch a glimpse – of the king. But what he doesn’t know is that he got it all wrong. All the commotion is really to celebrate the best grandmother in the world. It was HER birthday long before it was the king’s birthday, so there. Wave your flags for my grandmother at the bonfires (it also happens to be ValborgsmässoaftonWalpurgis night) ! ❤

What I also am looking forward to is warmer days and spring green so that I can start taking photos again. Right now I feel a bit uninspired by the constant raining/sleet-snowing, gray and dull April.

What are you looking forward to?

A new day

A quick hello from work before I start my day.

Even though I don’t think so when the alarm goes off at 5:30, I do love to be early at work when I am here. I am all alone and the office is totally quiet. I love the routine of turning on the computer, put on some tea and then a browse through my social media before I begin my work day. Those ten minutes sort of give me the start I need for a good productive day. And when I start working around 7, the office is still empty and quiet for about another hour. Lovely.

It’s a beautiful morning. The night was cold. Frost covered the roofs and glittered in the grass as I walked to the garage at home. When parking at work the sun had just woken up the ”skilla” (don’t know their English name!) flowers. The glowing morning sunlight is starting to thaw the frostbitten petals. It looked so pretty that I had to take a snapshot with the mobile phone.

Wonderful times right now! But don’t you long for the real spring now? With warm air? Frost in all its glory is all fine and pretty, but I want green trees and bushes and blazing flowerage and a thin spring jacket.

I wish you a happy day. Time to work.

bild 1
What are these flowers called in English?




That’s me. Again. Yet another evening gone because sleep wins without me even knowing. It’s not fair. I don’t have a chance to fight it, since it just happens. It’s like the body drugs itself. Leaving me all confused when I wake up again at half past one in the middle of the night. Huh? Is it morning? Is it night? Am I asleep? Am I awake? What happened?

So I didn’t get to update today’s entries in the blog yesterday. I didn’t get to visit all my wonderful blog ”colleagues” out there. I didn’t get to reply to comments. I didn’t get to edit my little landing video from the flight on Friday. I didn’t get to hang my wet laundry.

To sum it up = I didn’t get to do anything. What a waste of hours. Gah.

I suppose I should see it as investment in rest and health, my body obviously needed sleep. But I would rather have used my evening hours more actively.

This means I can’t post anything at 3 pm today since I will be working – hopefully I will keep myself awake this evening to update then instead. Today is a fun day – I will attend a day conference about Smart Intranets with a colleague.

What are your plans for today?

Office thoughts

I love my job, but today (yesterday when you read this!) as I was sitting in my office chair looking out through the dirty office window I realised I wanted out. I was listening to the traffic passing by and the noise from all the construction works going on outside and sighed.

I wanted out, out in the open air somewhere. Surrounded by forests, vast horizons, open waters, big skies. I dreamt of birds singing, wind passing through the leaves, waves hitting the shores. And to just exist, with nothing else on my mind than the beauty around me.

Sometimes everyday life does this to me. I love my job and my routines, but at the same time, sometimes they make me tired and long for something else.

I guess that’s normal.


Longing for a different view

(At 3 pm I will be posting my photos for Jen’s and my photo project this week. Come back then! 🙂 )


Out of focus – again!

I wrote in a post a while ago about how I need to stay focused on the present. Doing that will reduce stress levels and make myself more efficient.

So many things are fighting for attention in my poor brain at the moment. I am trying to prevent too much chaos in my poor little middle-aged head.

One big part of this problem is that I am way too good at thinking and planning ahead. So much that I miss the present and just become scatterbrained instead. Forgetting things, mixing things up. What is up and what is down??  Gah!

Like at work today. It was a day full of one meeting after the other. I realised that part of the time during the meetings I was zoning out – thinking about the next meeting and what I needed to do inbetween the meetings. And inbetween meetings I was focusing on all the things I needed to finish inbetween the meetings and added to the chaos in my mind by thinking and planning on what I need to finish tomorrow. So I ended up doing ten things at the same time! How efficient was that you think? Chaos.

Marie – get a grip already. One. thing. at. the. time.

How hard can it be??


Room with a view

I am waking up on my last morning in Borås. Going home after two days of meetings and work. It’s always nice to spend a couple of days with my Borås colleagues. But it’s also nice to come home. It will be good to sleep in my own bed tonight. I got an interesting hotelroom I must say. It didn’t have a waste bin so I have had to put my garbage in a plastic bag. And no little fridge to put my milk and youghurt like they normally have. And the hotel view was intriguing too. Thank you for this time Borås, I love you anyway. See you soon again!


20160330_173545Hotel Grand. My home away from home.

20160331_071725A room with a view. From hotel window.

20160329_170226Instead of a fridge…


Dreading it

Dreading what?

The dentist 😦

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 (today when you read this) I have a dentist appointment. The annual check-up. But I know I will have to come back and fix an old filling that was about to ”give up” already last year but he decided to wait in order not to torture me until it is absolutely necessary. He knows I am not too happy with the pain. The fact that I know I will have to come back to fix this makes me dread the appointment more than usual. I don’t want to go.

I have this problem that the anesthesia doesn’t work on me. Well, it works in that usual loss of sense of lips, tongue, cheeks and everything for hours afterwards. But it never works against the actual pain of fixing the tooth. That nerve pain. I hate it! Ever since a difficult root filling a long time ago I can’t stand that sharp nerve pain.

Luckily he has a slower drill that hurts less than the fast one. But apparently a lot of people don’t like the slower drill because of the sound it makes. I don’t get that – who cares about the sound as long as it doesn’t hurt!

Why DOES fixing the teeth have to hurt so much?

On a happier note: Check back later at 3 pm for Jen’s and my new photo project. It is not about trees anymore. It’s about light…