Jag är tillbaka!

(English summary below)

Efter en bloggpaus under våren och sommaren är jag nu tillbaka. Livet har varit rörigt utanför bloggen så pausen var välbehövlig. Men tack vare en härlig sommarsemester med fem långa lediga avkopplande veckor är jag på banan igen. Mycket tack vare en nyfunnen kreativ passion i meditativ ”konst”, som jag nu så gärna vill få dela med mig av i bloggen. Det är terapi. Jag kan förlora mig i timmar och jag vet aldrig när jag börjar hur slutresultatet kommer att bli. Det blir vad det blir, vad mina händer och min hjärna vill att det ska bli just där och då.

Detta kommer antagligen att bli ett återkommande tema i bloggen framöver. Eftersom jag är så lycklig över detta. Det får mig att må så bra, och ger även mig en möjlighet att kunna uttrycka mig kreativt. Att jag har blivit så biten av det, är för att de här ”teknikerna” ger ALLA den möjligheten och jag tror att vi alla behöver få kontakt med vår inre kreativitet för att må bättre. Jag tror att det är ett grundläggande väldigt mänskligt behov som har blivit alltför försummat i vår moderna tid. Man behöver inte  vara Van Gogh eller Rembrandt för att kunna skapa något fint! Med meditativ konst skapar du för din egen skull. Och det är enkelt. Alla kan göra det.

Mandala, Zentangle och doodling är några uttryck inom detta område och jag älskar dem allihop. Jag vill dela med mig till er, som liksom jag inte kan rita och måla men som ändå vill kunna skapa något fint och få låta hjärnan koppla av en stund samtidigt. Det finns liksom inget ”rätt eller fel” eller ”bra eller dåligt” inom meditativ konst. Det som blir, det blir, det var meningen!

Häng med, så kan vi skapa och må bra tillsammans! 🙂


I’m back!

I had to take a longer blog break over spring and summer. Sometimes life outside the blog gets too busy and messy. But thanks to a wonderful long summer holiday of five relaxing weeks I am back on track. I owe a lot of that to my newfound creative passion in meditative ”art”, that I now want to share in the blog. It is better than therapy. I can get lost for hours doing it, and when I start I have no idea what the end result will be. It becomes whatever comes out of my mind and hands at that moment.

Count on this to be a recurring theme in the blog. Because it makes me so happy and gives me a chance to express myself creatively. The fact that I have become so devoted to this, is because it gives EVERYONE that chance and I Think more of us would feel a lot better if we got in touch with our inner creativity that I strongly believe we all have. I think it is a basic human need that has been neglected in this modern age. You don’t have to be Van Gogh or Rembrandt to create something pretty! With meditative art, it is all about your own creative process, you create for you. And it’s easy. Everyone can do it.

Mandala, Zentangle and doodling are three examples of this area and I love them all. I want to share this with all of you who are like me, you can’t paint or draw but you still want to be able to create something pretty and at the same time let your mind relax. There is no ”right or wrong” or ”good or bad” in meditative art. Whatever comes out on your paper, was meant to be!

Join me, and let’s start to create and feel good together! 🙂


Sporadisk höst

English summary below

Jag saknar att skriva ned mina tankar här i min blogg. Min lilla plats i cyberspace.

Men det är bara att inse att det är, och kommer att vara, en hektisk höst så uppdateringen här kommer att vara sporadisk. Mer ofta ibland, och uppehåll ibland. Uppehållen kan bli några dagar, eller veckor. Allt beror på hur mycket jobb jag har och vad jag orkar med.

Tyvärr är det så för mig att stress sänker kreativiteten och inspirationen. Fast jag skulle önska att det inte var så – för det är ju faktiskt avkoppling för mig att skriva och fota. Men när orken tryter så gör den och då gör den det även när det gäller tankeverksamheten som styr inspirationen.

Har ni något knep för hur man behåller den kreativa energin och inspirationen även när man är stressad så dela med er! 🙂

I miss writing my thoughts here in my blog. My little corner of cyberspace.

However a stressful autumn will make the blog updates sporadic. Unfortunately stress affects my creativity och inspiration badly. I wish it was different since writing and photographing are relaxing activities for me. But when I am tired and low on energy it also makes my thought processes tired and low on energy too – the thought processes that control my inspiration.

Any tips on how to keep the creative energy even through stress? Please share! 🙂


Photo project: painting with light


For this week of Jen’s and my photo project I was inspired by some of Jen’s previous themes: windows, glass and light and how one object can turn into something completely different depending on how you play with light, sharpness etc.

I have always been fascinating by the sunlight through my bathroom window. It’s something I notice everytime I take a shower! The window glass has a ”wiggly” structure to it so that it lets in light but you can’t look through it. A very convenient structure for a bathroom window. 😉 So when the sunlight hits the window it creates some really cool effects. And when I got really close with the camera I got different colour and light effect  depending on how I angled the camera.  This first set of two illustrates that. All I did here was to turn up the saturation a bit.

I also noticed as I played around with depth of field and angles that the window texture could give impressions of being something else. In these two I got a feeling of ripply water catching the last rays of the setting sun.

For the last two I used my biggest aperture, 1.4, and close to maximum shallow depth of field to really get the bokeh going, and got these effects. I get the feeling of smoke and fire or a coppery surface.

I find it really cool how a sunlit structured bathroom window can make me think of smoke and fire, copper and sunlit water.

What do you think? What do you see?

Don’t miss Jen’s photos! I don’t know when they will be up so be sure to check her blog out so that you don’t miss them.

Photo project painting with light – water

Time for this week’s photos in Jen’s and my photo poject painting with light. This time I wanted to play with light and water. I have noticed when I shower that the light from the window creates a nice stripe effect on the water from the shower so I decided to play with that. These photos are the result of backlit shower water and variation of shutterspeed, and depth of field, for creating the stripes of water contrasting the square pattern of the background tiles, and having fun in Photoshop to create the colour effects.

These pojects to me is about playing around and having fun and learning by doing and experimenting. For artistic quality I recommend Jen’s photos 😉






Today I had the most amazing photo walk in my Elfvik paradise. Even though I only took a couple of photos. The sun sparkles in the water inspried me to film instead of taking photos. This film will be up tomorrow. I am teasing a bit! 😉 Building up suspension. Building up expectations. So you are now at the edge of your seats and expect a masterpiece no less. Right?? 😉

But in all honesty it is just a bunch of clips of ”moving photos” so to speak. I like the addition movement gives to a scene that a still photograph can’t convey. I also like how the film media allows you to edit and add music to the scenes. An extra dimension.

I took some lazy snapshots with the mobile phone when I just wanted a quick photo to document the walk. Taking out the camera and prepare it would take too long, too much trouble, for just plain snapshots.

A popular day at Elfvik! I am sitting in the car waiting for someone to leave. I was lucky. I only waited 5 minutes.

Sun-sparkling water. The most beautiful sight I know.

Elfviks gård. A farm, with an antique shop, café and horses. And hens on the loose, walking around.

Blue sky, blue water, yellow grass waiting to be painted in green.

When you walk along the water around Elfvik (and other places in Lidingö) you realise that the Island really is like the first step into the archipelago. Because of the bridge and closeness to central Stockholm one tend to forget that. I feel privileged to live here in my humble little studio apartment. A roof over my head, food on the table, healthy family and friends and beautifiul surroundings. That’s all I need. ❤

I finish with some camera shots, teasing the video that will come up tomorrow.



Editing video.

Photo project: painting with light

FINALLY I get to upload my photos for this week in Jen’s and my photo Project. I didn’t quite get the results I had hoped. I was aiming for some low key lighting of my tulips but failed that – the result came out like just flat light doing nothing for the Beautiful tulips. Luckily tulips are pretty in themselves even in my bad lighting so I put the least failed photo up here.

After I failed the tulips I started experimenting with the torch and writing instead. It is getting better but oh my god it’s difficult. To know what you actually write into thin air and then also writing it reversed so that it becomes right in camera. Gee – I have like no idea where my letters go and how I shape them – the letters A, E and H…. come on! This takes a LOT of practice before I can make anything of it really. But you can at least see what it says, right??




I can’t wait to see what Jen came up with today. Her idea sounded really cool. Have a look!

All fun and play!

This would be the entry where I  would normally put up this week’s photo project photos, but both Jen and I have been busy so we agreed to post them tomorrow instead. So tomorrow at 3 pm CET my photos will be up.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and off work, so I am planning a shopping trip to Panduro to buy some cheap water paint. I have been looking at different water painting techniques on Pinterest and thought I would play around with them. I can’t draw or paint anything that resembles anything. But I can still play around with colours and techniques for my own entertainment and noone to see.

I remember playing around with water colour techniques as a child in school or if it was preschool. For example how fun and cool it was to see how the paint just spread out and mixed in different patterns when you splashed paint on wet paper etc.  I will not be ”creating”. I will be playing with water colours, like I did then, when I was a child. I feel that inner child of mine bounce around all excited inside me when I think about the fun I will have.

Do you ever let your inner child play?

Photo project – painting with light 3

Jag bryter av fredagens blogg med att redovisa veckans fotoprojekt i samarbete med Jen idag istället för igår. Därför kommer jag nu att byta språk till engelska.. 3 …2 … 1

Here we go.

I hope my English speaking readers (not that many but still 😉 ), find this entry even though it is not posted on a Tuesday or Thursday. It is time to show this week’s entry in Jen’s and my photo project painting with light.

First, a warning. 🙂 This week was all experimental. I just wanted to try to light an object in different colours using bulb mode on the camera. That way I tried to first light the object with say a red light from behind, then I turned off the torch and put on a different colour, say blue, and lit the object  on the front with blue. Then turned off the torch again to light the object from another angle with another colour.   I used coloured fabric t-shirts and tops in front of my torch to get the colours. I wanted to see what kind of effects one could get by doing that.

So I used my white dala horse as a subject. And when I lit it with the different colours it kind of looked like it was standing on a disco dancefloor. So that is what it is – a disco dala!

When I realised it looked like he was owning the disco floor spotlight I put three of the photos together in a little disco video for fun. So take this entry of the project with a sense of humour. Not to be taken very seriously. 😉

100% playful and not meant to be good or deep or anything more than meets the eye – a photo and a little nonsensical video of a white dala horse lit with a torch and different coloured fabrics.

Why? Just because.

And don’t forget to check out Jen’s photos that will most likely make more sense than mine! 😉


The tree project favourites

Last week Jen and I started a new photo project – painting with light. My photos for this week will be up at 3 pm CET. But before I leave our previous project of trees behind I’d like to sum it up with my personal favourite photos from those 8 weeks. It was a fun theme to try and portray trees from different aspects. As you know, this blog is about my creative journey. It is not about perfection. It is about experimenting and learning and trying. But I think these photos I will present as my favourites out of the theme are the ones that were a level over experimentation. The better ones. What do you think? Follow the header links to see all of the photos in respective theme. A link to the other project weeks will be found at the end.

Tree project 2 – texture


I am very pleased with this one. I think it might be my favourite out of the whole bunch…

The tree project 4 – black and white



I love black and white photography. Not to convert a photo to black and white to make it look more interesting, but to actually think black and white when you take the photo. I like both of these photos, but mostly the second one.

The tree Project 6 – bokeh


This is actually an experimental photo – but it’s one of my favourites anyway because it was such a fun theme. We created our own bokeh. Really cool!

The tree Project 8 – thoughtfulness


Here our object was to convey thoughtfulness. This photo represented ”solitude and peace” which is a big part of being lost in thoughts for me. I just like the softness of the photo. The highkey colour scale, the morning mist over the frozen lake removing everything else but the trees and the little mini island – making the bare branches stand out. It is peaceful to me.

For the rest of the tree project themes, check out these:

The tree project 1The tree project 3The tree project 5The tree project 7

And don’t forget to check out Jen’s tree project photos!

The tree project 8 – thoughtfulness

We had a different theme for Jen’s and my tree project this week. We thought we should challenge ourselves with an emotional theme. For me this is very difficult and I was kind of dreading this even though I came up with the theme. The easy way out would be to take a photo of trees and a person looking thoughtful. But to me that seems too simple. It’s a tree project so it is the trees that are in focus. I was thinking long and hard about the concept of being thoughtful.

I ended up in two aspects of thoughtfulness.

Solitude and peace. I am a person myself often lost in thoughts. When I am, it’s when everything around me is still and nothing is distracting me. So one big part of thoughtfulness to me is solitude and peace.

Foggy winter morning by the water. Solitude and peace.

Patterns of a free mind. When I have peace and quiet and no distractions my thoughts run free. They come and go, seeminlgy random, but still with paths and patterns forming a whole – like a sketch drawing. Even though my mind is constantly going from one thought to another and back again, the thoughts still give me peace. I like being in my own mind, in a mix of happy and sad thoughts. It’s life.

_MG_6494Mind set free. Patterns of a free mind.

What do you think of my interpretation of the theme? It was difficult but I found it a lot of fun actually. A new aspect of taking a photo and one I want to explore since I do want to convey more of feelings and atmospheres with my photos. This was a very good exercise for me – one I will use and practise more not only within the tree project.

Check out Jen’s photos on her blog. I am so excited to see what she comes up with, with her artistic mind.